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TCC mission

MIT has long been dedicated to providing a supportive workplace that promotes work-life balance. Back in 1972, we identified high-quality childcare as a key component of that mission, and we established MIT's first full-day childcare program—the Technology Childcare Center (TCC) at Eastgate graduate-student housing complex. Today, we operate four TCC centers—three on the MIT Cambridge campus (The David H. Koch Childcare Center, Kendall Childcare Center, and Stata Childcare Center) and one near MIT Lincoln Laboratory in Lexington (Lincoln Laboratory Childcare Center)—accommodating a combined total of 380 infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

All TCC centers are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). NAEYC accreditation means that TCC centers meet the highest standards for quality early education and care, as defined by NAEYC, the nation's largest and most prestigious professional organization in this field.

“The space station at the end of my corridor and the children playing seven stories down outside my window and the graduate students flying helicopters just outside my office all add up to fun. It is fun having an office here in the Stata Center.” —Samuel Jay Keyser, Special Assistant to the Chancellor, Professor of Linguistics (Emeritus) from an article in Technology Review

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TCC families

MIT is a dynamic and diverse community, and so are its childcare centers. TCC families represent dozens of nations and a broad variety of family orientations. We have children of single parents and children of divorced and married couples living in the same or different cities or in different countries. We have children living with grandparents and extended family members. We have children of biologists, historians, and chefs. And because families are very much involved in the everyday life of the centers, children learn in an extraordinary environment rich in intellectual adventure and cultural exploration. Parents and families participate in many center activities—from musical presentations to nature walks to investigations into fractal geometry.

“Yesterday afternoon, Amitai’s mom came in to make a zebra cake with the class. They measured and mixed together whipping cream, sugar, sour cream, and yogurt. Everyone got a chance to use the hand mixer and to pour the batter into the cake tins. Later, at the art table, we cut out a large piece of construction paper to make a thank you card for Amitai’s mom.”    —Michele Carroll, TCC preschool teacher

TCC curriculum

At TCC, our approach to learning has been developed with the view that each child is an individual with a distinct learning style and point of view. We plan curricula based on your child's individual needs, interests, and skills. And we document your child's learning experiences, track your child's developmental progress in all learning areas, and communicate your child's learning experiences on an ongoing basis. Our carefully designed curriculum balances the development of each child’s physical, emotional, social, and intellectual selves—yet encourages spontaneous opportunities for fun.

“Learners thrive when a teacher is interested in their questions and thoughts and is helping them take these thoughts deeply into a subject matter through their own explorations. I have found this to be the case with children, teenagers, and adults; in city, country, and suburb ... on five continents. And I have found it to be an equalizing force.”  —Eleanor Duckworth, renowned scholar in children’s learning from an article in Harvard Crimson

TCC staff

TCC is managed by Bright Horizons Family Solutions in partnership with the MIT HR Work-Life. Bright Horizons teachers are state-certified early-childhood professionals dedicated to the education of young children and committed to ensuring each child’s safety and wellbeing. All staff are committed to making you, your child, and your family feel welcome and part of the community. We encourage you to think of us as a key partner in your child’s growth and development, and we look forward to building a robust and rewarding relationship with you and your family.

Meet the​ center directors

Brendamarie Contreras, Director
The David H. Koch Childcare Center

Doreen Anzalone, Director
Kendall Childcare Center

Jocelyn Malloy Cappallo, Director
Lincoln Laboratory Childcare Center

Debra Davis, Director
Stata Childcare Center

Meet the TCC M​anagement Team

Kathy Kasabula
Program Manager
MIT HR Work-Life

Jennifer Thompson
TCC Regional Manager

Stephanie Blakeman
TCC Enrollment and Parent Accounts Coordinator


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