Promoting dynamic family-teacher partnerships

At Technology Childcare Centers (TCC), we teach, inspire, and nurture children during the most pivotal years of their lives—and we are also a key support system to you as parents. You are valued members of our community, welcome at all times to visit your children, and we encourage you and your family to get involved in the life of the center. Reach out to your child's teachers or the center director to ask questions, talk over opportunities for participation, discuss your child's development, or make suggestions about our programs. Always remember that we’re here for you.

TCC is managed by Bright Horizons Family Solutions in partnership with the MIT Work-Life Center. Together we work to meet the needs of MIT families. Just as we encourage you to reach out to the staff of your center if you have questions about your child's development or family issues, we encourage you to get in touch with a member of the management team to share an observation or make a suggestion about enrollment policies, day-to-day procedures, or the administration of the centers.

Meet the TCC Management Team

Kathy Kasabula
Program Specialist
Center for WorkLife and WellBeing
MIT Human Resources

Jennifer Thompson
Regional Manager
Bright Horizons

Stephanie Blakeman
TCC Enrollment and Parent Accounts Coordinator