Other childcare resources

Supporting work-life balance

TCC is one of many resources for working parents available across the MIT community. To explore the full depth and breadth of options and opportunities, visit the MIT HR Work-Life website, but here are a few key resources:

Backup Childcare

Backup childcare can be of great help when regular caregivers are unavailable or when you need care in addition to the hours covered by your regular childcare provider. MIT offers two sets of resources—one for employees and another for students.

Breastfeeding Support

MIT has been recognized again and again as a “breastfeeding-friendly employer.”

This page provides tips and information about lactation rooms on campus and guidelines regarding accommodations for nursing mothers.

MIT Spouses & Partners Connect

Connect with other MIT families in this online network of students, post docs, faculty, and staff who are ready to offer suggestions on where to find family-related resources in the Cambridge-Boston area.

MIT MyLife Services

A free and confidential benefit for all MIT faculty, staff, postdocs - and family members - connects you to experts who can help you with many life concerns. You may request consultation, coaching, research and referrals related to finaing a lawyer, a financial planner, a sleep consultant, or a counselor who can assist with stress, relationship conflicts, and emotional challenges.

MIT Graduate Assistance and Information Network

MIT GAIN is a free and confidential service for all MIT graduate students and their household members. It connects you to specialists who can help you with many life concerns. You may request consultantsion, personalized research and referrals related to finding a lawyer, a financial planner or help with relocation, child care, pet care, moving services, home repair and cleaning service, fitness programs and trainers, and anything else on your to-do list.

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account

The program helps eligible MIT employees save money on childcare expenses by allowing employees to set aside funds—before taxes—for planned dependent care services received for dependent children under the age of 13 while you work or search for work.