Helping MIT families access high-quality childcare

Every aspect of our Technology Childcare Centers (TCC) is oriented toward meeting the needs of MIT families—and that includes cost. For this reason, MIT subsidizes TCC’s operating budget, provides scholarships to defray tuition costs for lower-income employees and postdoctoral fellows. However, we recognize that childcare is very expensive—more expensive in the Boston area than in many other parts of the world where public financing may be available to reduce parents’ costs.

So where does the money go? At TCC, 80% of tuition revenue is used to cover staff salaries and benefits. Research has consistently linked childcare quality to teacher-to-child ratios and staff compensation. TCC offers enhanced teacher-to-child ratios and competitive salaries to attract highly trained staff and maintain better retention rates than are typical for the field of early care and education. 

We evaluate TCC’s compensation and tuition rates on an annual basis to ensure that we maintain our ability to competitively recruit teachers and provide high-quality care at a cost that is within reach of MIT families. We believe that when you compare TCC tuition rates to options outside MIT, you will find that our tuition is competitive and delivers exceptional value.

Scholarship opportunities

We offer scholarships to qualifying employees and postdoctoral fellows. Scholarship funds are limited, however, so we encourage you to confirm your eligibility and apply as soon as you enroll with TCC. 

Review tuition rates and learn more about our scholarship program.