Enrollment priority

Because spaces in the Technology Childcare Centers (TCC) programs are in such high demand, we have developed the following priority system for enrollment. Please note that we use this system in combination with the date of your application, so we encourage you to apply as soon as you know that you are expecting a baby.

Within each level described below, we will give first priority to a child who has a sibling already enrolled at a TCC center.

Level 1 priority is given to:

  • benefits-eligible MIT employees
  • MIT students enrolled in degree programs
  • MIT post doctoral associates and fellows
  • employees of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at MIT

Level 2 priority is given to:

  • active MIT affiliates who do not qualify for Level 1 priority (visiting engineers, scholars, and scientists only)
  • employees of on-site contracted vendors (non-MIT affiliate tuition rates apply)
  • Broad Institute employees (non-MIT affiliate tuition rates apply)
  • Whitehead Institute employees (non-MIT affiliate tuition rates apply)

Level 3 priority is given to:

  • Draper Laboratory employees (non-MIT affiliate tuition rates apply)
  • non-MIT affiliated community members for TCC Lincoln Laboratory Childcare Center in Lexington, MA, only (non-MIT affiliate tuition rates apply)

Special priority for MIT faculty

To support faculty recruitment and retention, the Office of the Provost has established two additional priorities that benefit MIT faculty members.

Provost slots

Each year, the MIT Provost assigns up to 16 on-campus childcare spaces to MIT faculty members. Provost assignments are typically announced in June for the following September.

Faculty priority for infant slots

Tenured and tenure-track faculty members receive enrollment priority for all infant spaces (ages eight weeks through 14 months). Other faculty applicants will be prioritized by the date of application. All infant spaces will be offered to MIT faculty members on the waiting list before being offered to other MIT affiliates. Faculty members assigned Provost slots receive the highest priority for infant spaces. Note that in practice, this policy reduces the waiting time for faculty in need of infant care, but also allows many staff, post doc, and student families to enroll in the infant program.

Review the general eligibility requirements.