Family guide

Consult the Bright Horizons Family Guide

Technology Childcare Centers (TCC) are managed by Bright Horizons Family Solutions. The Bright Horizons Family Guide will help answer questions and provide guidance to families with children enrolled in a TCC childcare center. Organized into chapters like “Family Involvement,” “Program Standards,” and “Health and Safety,” this detailed guide outlines important policies and procedures in place at all TCC centers regarding food allergies, pick-up and drop-off, and medical records. You will even find a few tips for reducing the level of chaos in your morning routine.

The Family Guide is designed for your convenience, not as a substitute for discussion, so please do reach out to your TCC teacher or director or the TCC-Bright Horizons manager if you would like to talk over any topic that affects your child’s life, health, learning experience, or overall well-being.

Download the Family Guide (PDF, 15 MB)