Lincoln Laboratory Childcare Center

Welcome to TCC Linc—The Lincoln Laboratory Childcare Center

Located in Lexington Massachusetts, the Lincoln Laboratory Childcare Center is convenient for members of the MIT community working at Lincoln Laboratory and for families who reside in the suburbs northwest of Cambridge. The TCC Linc program is enriched by the presence of early childhood education student interns from Minuteman. This is the only center that invites non-MIT-affiliated families to apply.

Meet the directorJocelyn

I have studied and taught early childhood education for many years because I strongly believe that a child's early years are formative and build a foundation for life-long learning. As young children begin exploring new concepts and connections, they are developing a strong base that will facilitate their experiences in their future educational pursuits. As an educator and ongoing learner myself, I believe it is my purpose to support a child's learning through play and nurture their interests. My mission as the Center Director of TCC Linc is to provide high quality care and experiences for the children, their families, and our staff."


Lincoln Laboratory Childcare Center
Director: Jocelyn Malloy Cappallo
5 Forbes Road
Lexington, MA 02421